Outdoor Lighting Options

Denver wedding rentals cover a lot of ground when it comes to items that you need for the big event. These include practical items like tables and other gear, but also cosmetic items such as lighting. So, with this in mind, here are some of the lighting options that can accompany your outdoor wedding.

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Make your big day shine with the proper lighting for your outdoor wedding.

Lighting Options

Chances are that if you’ve seen a wedding that has the wedding date or names of the couple displayed on the dance floor, that gobo lighting was used. This tech projects a personalized stencil onto the wall, ceiling, and other surfaces. You can use these throughout the space, but most people reserve them for statement areas. Another great option when it comes to highlighting a singular area is pin-spotting, the lighting relies on a beam of light sent to a certain area of space, being a focal point. Spotlights are more powerful than pin-spotting and are a good match for things like cake-cutting and the first dance.

Other Choices

These aren’t the only options you have to put together your wedding lighting. For example, fairy lights are a favorite for budgetary reasons. These are soft-glowing bulbs attached to a wire, and have a naturally ethereal look. People who are using tents or outdoor gardens at a wedding should consider looking into these. On the topic of outdoor receptions, you’ll also want to use landscape lighting for practical reasons, like lighting the way to the parking lot, bathrooms, and dance floor. If you’re looking to put wedding colors throughout the reception, color wash is a great option, which can instantly change a room’s appearance.

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