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 Throw a Fabulous Back To School Party with Colorado Party Rentals

End of summer is upon us. Kids will be back at school, cooler weather will be calling. What better time to throw a party that will be worthy of summer 2014?  Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need to pull this off. We give you a few ideas on how to throw the party of the summer as well, whether you have children or not!  If you have kids, give them a party to remember!  If you don’t have kids in the house, but a party sounds fun, throw an end of summer block party. We’ll give you tips and ideas for both in this two part series! Today we look at creative ideas for a back to school bash for the kids in your life!

Happy little girl holding colorful balloons. Child playing on a

Back Yard Back-to-School Bash

Every summer calls for a party as big as the summer to close it out. If you have children in the house, throw them a party they will be talking about the rest of the year!

DJ and Dance Floor– No party is complete without music. Hire a DJ to play some of the hottest summer mix’s.  With the DJ, kids need some place to express themselves, thus the dance floor.  A dance floor sets the stage for your party.  Kids know what to expect when they enter- an afternoon of unparalleled, fun!

Volleyball– For the kids that are a little shy on the dance floor, get a volleyball set. The volleyball net encourages physical activity and at a group level, something a large group can participate in, helping the outsiders feel not so estranged!

Drying areasTent– Colorado Party Rentals provides tents for every occasion and every climate. Grab a tent or a canopy to save your party in the event of inclement weather or even a reprieve from the sun on a hot afternoon. A tent will offer a gathering place for the kids outside, rather than in your home!

Water Game– The best kind of games at the end of summer involve water. Try water gun pistols, and encourage an all out game of water war! To make it truly epic, set out an obstacle for kids to hide behind. Set trashcans, chairs, and even tables on the side as a ‘fortress’ and let them go!

Outdoor Movie– If your party is in the late afternoon or evening, wait until dusk and play an outdoor movie to end your party of the year. All you will need is a projector and screen, if you don’t have one, try borrowing one, or renting one from your library. To go with your outdoor movie, try one of Colorado Party Rentals popcorn machines or cotton candy machine for the ultimate movie treat!

Original party sweetsFood– Keep the food fun and easy to handle. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches or hot dogs would be easy and filling. Check out Colorado Rentals hot dog roller for your bash to make it easier for you!

Call Colorado Party Rentals To Help You Create The Best Back To School Bash Ever!

We have what you are looking for. Whether your event is big or small, our professional staff is meticulous and creative and will help you create the epic party of the year!  With our broad range of equipment, from tents and canopies to hot dog rollers and dance floors, our inventory is constantly being updated to reflect the requests and needs of our customers.  Just ask!  Book Today so we can make your back to school bash a reality for your kids and family!

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