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 How to Throw The Ultimate Block Party with Colorado Party Rentals

It’s end of summer, and that means cooler weather right around the corner!  You need to throw an epic end of summer, back to school bash!  In this two part series, Colorado Party Rentals gives you ideas on how to throw the ultimate party for your kids or neighbors in Denver.  In part 1, we gave tips on throwing a back to school bash for kids.  Today, we give tips and ideas for the best end of summer party for adults!

Block Party on SteroidsAny party planning

Who says block parties are just for kids?  Make your block party one that your adult neighbors will thank you for!  The adults are the ones that deserve it, especially after a long summer entertaining the littles.  Make it an evening that will have everyone talking and planning for next year!  Begin by picking your date, send out notifications to be sure it will be a date that you can successfully block off the street and then proceed to send invitations.  Plan to have orange cones blocked at either end of a block, preferably one that is in the back of the subdivision that does not have thru traffic.  Choose the elements you want in your block party and let Colorado Party Rentals do the rest!

Elements For a Great Block Party

Band with a Stage– Every party must have a little music to make it complete.  Kick it up a notch and have a band play.  You can rent a stage from Colorado Party Rentals to set the band apart from the rest of the crowd.  Hire a local Denver band, maybe even some talented youths in the neighborhood would play pro-bono for self advertisement!

party outdoorsBar– Along with great music, an awesome party offers a place for adult beverages as well.  This will set your block party apart from a backyard BBQ.

Tent for Adults– In this tent you could offer tables and chairs for adults to actually sit and have a conversation.  A rare occurrence in most families with kids, the adults will be ecstatically greatful for this thoughtful convenience!

Tent for Kids– This tent can offer family style games fun for the entire family such as bean bag toss, lifesize Jenga, or even human battleship.  For the younger kids, have a lifesize mural for them to create, either on the concrete with sidewalk chalk or paint or on butcher block paper that would be the size of half the tent.  Have a bubble machine in the corner with a table next to it offering snacks just for kids.  A popcorn machine, a snow cone or cotton candy machine would do the trick!Outdoor summer party

 Call Colorado Party Rentals to Book Your Block Party Essentials!

The best part of Colorado Party Rentals is that we do the work for you.  You choose what you want, and we will do the rest for an effortless party of the year of which you get credit for!  From the minute you call, you will receive assistance in planning and creating your party or event to achieve the ambiance and party you want.  No task or request is too small, so don’t waste your time and BOOK TODAY!

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