Must-Have Party Rentals for Outdoor Fall Parties

Outdoor Fall Party Planning

Summer is still here, but not for too long. Come September, and we all notice the cooler nights and shorter days.

You can still have outdoor parties in the fall even though the temperature is dropping. The changing colors of the fall landscape will give your party an incredibly decorative backdrop. Since the weather can be unpredictable, there are a few must-have party items that every fall party needs.

Outdoor fall party rentals

Every outdoor fall party needs comfortable seating.

Keeping It Casual

When you have the red and gold colors of fall as your color guide, most fall parties tend to go towards the comfortable and the rustic. Having comfortable seating at your fall party is an absolute must. You can create different lounge areas for your guests with couches and chairs. You can decorate each lounge area with pillows and throws to keep your guests cozy and warm.

Turn Up the Heat

Heating for outdoor parties

A stone fireplace is a cozy and decorative way to keep your guests warm.

As the nights start to get colder, you need to provide heating. Our decorative fire pits aren’t just practical, but they’re decorative, as well. A few of our wooden Adirondack chairs surrounding a stone or wine barrel fire pit will turn up the heat on your fall party.

Fun and Games

Having fun and interactive games at your party will keep the blood flowing. To go with a rustic fall theme, rent a few giant wooden Jenga and cornhole lawn games to complete your fall party. If you’re going to keep track of the friendly competition, use one of our giant chalkboards to display the team scores prominently, so everyone knows who’s winning.

Fall Decorations

Decorations for outdoor fall party

Mason jar lanterns are perfect for decorating your outdoor fall party.

It’s the small details that matter when throwing a party. Talk to our specialists about decorative pieces that will put the final touches on your fall party. With a rustic fall theme, think about using mason jars as glasses, but also as decorative pieces. You can fill rustic jars and bowls with fall leaves, berries, and twigs to incorporate the fall landscape. You can also add a few picnic benches and tables, as well as use wine barrels as decorative tables.

Fall Party Rentals in Colorado

If you’re throwing a fall party, work with Colorado Party Rentals to get everything you need to complete your theme. We have all the practical rental equipment, as well as the decorative. We’re your one-stop outdoor fall party rental shop.


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