Perfect Centerpieces Should Blend Style and Function

The centerpieces for your wedding table are going to be one of the main focal points in your wedding decor. So, be sure to choose wisely, because there’s a good chance that they’ll show up in every photo and, good or bad, will be a big talking point throughout the reception.

Take care of choosing a wedding table centerpiece that will tie your wedding theme together and help create the right atmosphere at your reception.

Choosing the perfect wedding centerpiece

Tall centerpieces make a great statement for a roundtable. Just make sure it doesn’t obstruct the flow of conversation.

Centerpieces create focus, but should not obstruct the view

The importance of a centerpiece is to tie your entire wedding theme together and put the final grand touch on your wedding reception venue. They will serve as a “wow factor,” adding a unique effect in the room.

However, you want to find the perfect balance between your centerpieces being statement pieces, but also being sophisticated enough to where they don’t dominate the entire room.

There are both style considerations as well as functional considerations when you decide on the right centerpiece.

Incorporating Centerpieces in Your Event Setting

The first question we need to answer before deciding on a centerpiece is what shape your reception tables are. How your guests are seated will help you narrow down your centerpiece options, or help you figure out just how many centerpieces you need.

Round Tables

The perfect centerpiece for your wedding

A rectangular table should have several “centerpieces” to fill the space.

A roundtable deserves one centerpiece per table. However, we also recommend that you add a few to other areas of the room to tie it all together. If you have a bar or a buffet, you may also want to put some on those tables as well for consistency.

Square Tables

A square reception table should also have just one centerpiece. However, since there is typically more space available in the center, you shouldn’t be afraid to add a little volume to your centerpieces. Our wedding specialists can help you find the right proportions depending on the table size.

Remember to be careful with the size and height of your centerpiece. Always consider your guests. Don’t make it so big and tall that they will have a hard time talking to their fellow tablemates.

Rectangular Tables

Choosing the perfect centerpiece

Play with the size of your centerpieces to bring life to your wedding reception.

If you’re going for the rectangular family-style table setting, you’ll need to add a few “centerpieces” to the table. Make sure they are evenly distributed, but don’t overwhelm the table. You may also want to make them a bit smaller and more contained since there will be more of them.

Centerpiece Style Choices

Once we understand your reception setup, it’s time to create the perfect centerpiece. You want to make it representative of your personality. Don’t be afraid to be creative and different, and also, don’t be scared to add a few pops of color. Although white may dominate the color palette, it will make it more exciting and beautiful if there are a few colors present.


To make your wedding reception come alive, you need to play with sizes, shapes, and levels. You can be consistent in your decorations, but make a few centerpieces more voluminous, taller, shorter, and more straightforward. As long as you stick to the same basic arrangement, it will help you make the room feel more grand and complete.

Seasonal Elements

Seasonal centerpiece decorations

Use seasonal elements in your centerpiece decorations.

When you’re using flowers and organic materials, always look to the season to get the freshest and most vibrant bouquet. Anything that is in season is going to be more vivid and more readily available. Seasonal flowers may even be a little less expensive than finding rare blooms that aren’t in season.

Wedding Specialists in Denver

When it comes to wedding table decorations, our wedding specialists have seen and done it all, and they’re always on top of the latest wedding trends. We’ll work with you to find the perfect centerpiece for your wedding reception, and we’ll even set up a mock-wedding table so that you can see first hand what it will look like on your wedding day, so there are no surprises.

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