Picking the Perfect Chairs for Your Event

The type of chairs that you choose for your event has a big impact on whether it is successful or not. After all, if someone is not comfortable sitting on your chair or the style of the chairs directly clashes with the rest of the venue, then someone will be far less likely to give the event a  positive review. That is why most people rely on Denver event rentals in order to fulfill their chair needs. To give you the best chance at successfully picking out chairs for your special event, here are a few common types of seating and what they are best suited for.

Classic Chiavari Chairs

These are a very recognizable type of chair, which is due to the fact that they are used at a huge portion of weddings every year.  Since they can often be ordered in a variety of different materials, they are a good choice for meeting a wide range of themes. Plus, the easy tie-on cushions that come with them are able to provide additional comfort to guests.

banquet chairs

Adequate seating at any event cannot be overlooked.

Banquet Chairs

As the name suggests, these are often used in banquet halls and other large event areas as part of conventions or other similar events. Their basic armless design allows them to be easily stacked on top of one another and their built-in padding on both the back and seat makes them perfectly comfortable for guests to sit on, even for over an hour at a time.

Ghost Chairs

These chairs earn their name because of the clear color of their plastic material. Since they lack any actual color, they are able to go along with any color palette without clashing with it. Their plastic seat and back also make it so that they are incredibly lightweight and easy to clean. They also have the benefit of being extremely trendy and wowing your guests.

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