Planning the Perfect Holiday Bash

Winter is on its way and the holidays are just around the corner! For many of us, this means it’s time to start planning out a big holiday party. Whether you’re a Colorado business looking to show your staff appreciation or someone hoping to wow your friends and family, Colorado Party Rentals has the perfect tips to help you set up the holiday party of the decade. 


Plate chargers are a simple way to add color and style to any holiday setting. If you’ve never used one before, chargers are larger decorative plates that your dinner plate sits on top of. Chargers come in a range of styles. During the holidays, something bright and cheery, like a set of gold chargers, works best.


Linen rentals are a simple and cost-effective way to transform your dining table — or even simple folding tables, if you’re hosting a large number of guests — this holiday season. Patterned or colored linens can really set the mood for what type of holiday party you want to have. Colors like white, royal blue, or gold will add an air of sophistication and formality to your event. Satin linens will also work toward the same effect. Burlap linens dyed with red or green will make for a more festive and cozy feel. 

Holiday Party Rentals

Find the perfect rentals for your holiday events.


Your options are limitless when it comes to themed glassware. You can opt to keep your glassware simple… but then again, you are celebrating the holidays. Why not go all out with a collection of beautiful gold-rimmed glassware rentals? If your aim is to provide a comforting rustic feel, you could always serve egg nog to your guests in mason jars.

If you’re planning a holiday event in Colorado, you can get everything you need at Colorado Party Rentals. Visit our showroom or call us at 303-781-1111 to get started!


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