Holiday Party Rentals Help Reduce Holiday Waste

Every year, for all the joy the holidays may bring, the added amount of waste that we all produce is making the planet cry. Fortunately, there are simple ways that you can help put a stop to this sad practice and help reduce excess holiday waste. We all know to reuse, reduce, and recycle, but what better way to reuse and recycle, than to rent all the equipment you need for your holiday party? That way, you’re only reusing what is already available.

Holiday party rentals

Renting real plates, flatware, and stemware will reduce holiday waste.

Renting party equipment reduces waste

There are three ways that renting party and event equipment will help reduce holiday waste. One, we reuse everything in our inventory. Two, we help cut back on paper products by providing real china, silverware, and glassware. And three, we help cut back on buying cheap decorations that you end up throwing away after each party.

Rent tables and chairs

Our inventory is filled with great equipment to match any style and theme. And, because we keep everything in pristine condition, we can use it again and again, year after year, and holiday party after holiday party. This means that you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of folding chairs and tables that will just sit unused in your garage until next year. Simply rent exactly what you need, no more and no less, reducing waste.

Reducing paper waste

One of the biggest wasters over the holidays is wrapping, packaging, and decorations. The amount of gift wrap, ribbons, cards, gift bags, and boxes can add about four million tons of waste each year. Many also tend to use paper plates and plastic cups and flatware, both because it’s easier to clean up and because no one has enough matching plates for a whole party. This is incredibly wasteful. However, we understand that you don’t need plates for 50 people at your home. Therefore, rent your china, flatware, and stemware. Not only do you eliminate a bunch of paper and plastic products, but you also elevate your party to an “adult party” by having real china. Get a little fancy and be good for the environment!

Renting decorations

christmas tree light

Rent Christmas decorations instead of buying new decorations that will go to waste.

Again, decorations that only get used once and then thrown away, or cheap decorations that aren’t worth packing away and reusing next year are super wasteful. We can help decorate and create the perfect holiday ambiance with lighting, centerpieces, and other decorations, and you can feel good knowing that we’ll be reusing most things again.

Holiday party rentals in Denver

No holiday party is too big or too small. Talk to Colorado Party Rentals about your holiday party needs, and we’ll help you get all the equipment together to create a merry and joyful holiday party.

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