How to Set the Perfect Ambiance for Your Party

Whether it’s a casual backyard barbeque or a refined sit-down five-course meal, see how you can set the ambiance for your next event!  Knowing what kind of vibe or mood you want to prevail on your event is as important as the event itself.

Not only for the sake of visual, the mood also alters people’s perceptions and emotions, creating the atmosphere. As a host, you can determine how you want your guests to engage and experience the party. Colorado Party Rentals gives a few ideas to help you set your mood for the perfect event!

Lightingnight lighting in a clear tent

Lighting changes everything. It’s also something that is commonly overlooked, but this one aspect generally sets the tone for the event. Match the theme and the desired mood of the event with your lighting. For instance, if you have jazz music and a bar, dim the lights for a classy cocktail party vibe. If you are playing bluegrass and eating barbeque, bring in more lighting for a lively atmosphere.


Use scents sparingly yet wisely to set the mood of your event. Scents can make a big difference, but be careful not to overpower your guests with it. Lighted candles can be used, but if scented candles are lit, keep them away from the food table and only keep to one scent. An incense would be another option. Since incense is a little stronger scent, it would be an excellent option for an outdoor venue. Fresh flowers are a unique way to bring a light scent without overpowering guests. Flowers can also be placed on the food table as well!

Music for all your events

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Just like lighting, music sets the tone and affects your guests more than any other element at your event. Music is scientifically known to tap into various parts of the brain, utilized by experts to even treat depression and anxiety in patients. Music brings an emotional response, so ask yourself, what is the emotional response you want to create at your event? Do you want soft, quiet background music, do you want to inspire and motivate people, or do you want to create an upbeat euphoria?

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