How Many Plates and Glasses Do You Need for Your Wedding?

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We have to know the wedding style and the guests attending to figure out how many plates and glasses to rent.

One thing that surprises many people regarding planning a wedding is how much math is involved. You wouldn’t think it; after all, math isn’t exactly one of the romance languages. There is simple math, like deciding on a budget and then adding up all the costs of the wedding.

However, when it comes to renting wedding plates and glasses, the math starts to get a little more complicated. Figuring out just how many dishes and glasses you need to rent comes down to knowing your guests, the style of reception you’re having, and the drinks you plan on serving.

Figuring out the Total Number of Plates and Glasses

Party rental equipment and decor in ColoradoThe truth is that before we can do the math and figure out the final quantity of plates and glasses needed, we need to understand the type of wedding and the guests that you’re inviting.

What types of drinks are you offering? Are they big drinkers? Will there be many kids?  Do you have access to a dishwasher? Are people sitting or standing? And finally, what is the service style at your reception?

These are all variables that factor into the equation.  The easiest thing for couples is to reach out to our wedding specialists. We’ve helped many a couple, and we can help you fill out the equation and do the math so that you won’t have to stress over it.

Dinnerware Wedding Rentals

No matter what type of dinner service you’re having for your wedding, you’re going to want to rent extra dinnerware. If you’re having a sit-down dinner with service, you will have a better idea of how many plates are needed. You always have to account for a plate falling to the floor, or someone requiring an extra one, for whatever reason.

Buffet Service

How many plates and glasses should I rent for my wedding

Always rent plenty of extra plates for buffet service at your wedding.

When you have a buffet service for your wedding, people tend to move about and set down their empty plates, picking up a new one when they head back for seconds. If the food is good, you can expect people to go back for seconds, and maybe even thirds!

Between people losing their plates and silverware falling on the ground, you’re going to want plenty of extras. To avoid having dirty dishes all over your wedding venue, be sure to hire wait staff to clear them, wash, and get them back on the buffet table.

How Many Extra Glasses?

Figuring out how many glasses you’ll need for your wedding requires a bit of math. However, when you talk to our wedding specialists, we’ll be able to help you work out the numbers so that you have the right amount of each glass. If you are only serving beer and wine, then it will reduce the number of glasses you need to rent.

However, you also have to account for the champagne toast at the beginning of the reception. Once people start to mingle after dinner, there is also a good chance that they’ll misplace theirs and reach for a new one. So, you always want to have extras.

Renting glasses for your wedding

The types of drinks you’re serving will determine how many glasses you need to rent for your wedding.

Bar Service

With an open bar, you’ll need more glasses than any other type of service. You’ll need wine, and cocktail, and beer glasses. Make sure that you have enough wait staff and the ability to wash the glasses so that they can be reused throughout the evening.

There will be some guests that won’t mind having their original glass refilled at the bar, but most guests, out of habit, will expect a new glass with each drink.

Wedding Rentals in Colorado

Our wedding specialists have helped countless couples rent the right number of plates and glasses for a perfect wedding. Don’t worry about the math; we have you covered!

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