Provoking a Big Impact with Bold Colors for Your Event

Plan a Bold Color Scheme

add charm to your Colorado event with bold colors

What better way to make a statement and set your event apart than with color? Today’s color and interior design trends allow us to pull off some themes and color choices that would have been a big no-no some years back! Mixing metals and various shades of pink and red – go for it! Keep in mind some basic concepts and let your creativity take care of the rest.

 Your Color Planning Guide

1. Don’t choose too many colors in your color scheme. When you combine wisely you can use multiple colors by integrating more than 1 neutral – whether white, cream, or pale gray. However, be cautious in using more than 4 or 5 colors as you end up creating confusion.

2. Don’t stick to the expected seasonal colors.  Take a risk and choose colors that may be outside the normal palette for the season.

Plan and Color Coordinate Every Element of Your Event3. Go with various shades of the same color and then try combining the varying shades of different colors.


Again, don’t just settle for the most obvious colors on the color wheel. Graphic designers and manufacturers refer to the Pantone Color scheme book, so get ahold of one online.

4. Don’t try to be too “matchy”. The Bridesmaid’s dresses don’t have to match the tie back on the chairs. Think outside the normal floral combinations, and venture away from one-flower, one color-arrangements.

5. Don’t attempt to match your venue to your color scheme. When interviewing venue options consider your color scheme and make the choice to highlight the venue with minimal, neutral color palette, or ignore the venue and go for your colors with no apologies.

6. Outdoor Events in Denver and Colorado SpringsCarry your color scheme throughout, including your paper elements, especially your invitations. Keep in mind your invitations make the first impression and set the stage for your event. Begin to establish your theme from the moment your guests open their invitation.


7. Don’t attempt to match your flowers exactly with your color scheme. Too much of the same shade can be overkill. Refer back to the Pantone Color book, and go for interesting deeper and lighter shades within the same color family to bring depth to your color scheme.

8. Bring visual examples to your professionals to better assist them as they co-create with you, bringing you options to consider.  Don’t leave out the little details, a flower, and piece of fabric, an interestingly shaped vase…whatever will help your professionals catch your vision.

Bring in the Professionals at Colorado Party Rentals to Help You Plan and Color Coordinate Any Important Event

Bold Colors for Your Dinner EventNo matter what event you are hosting (weddings, luncheons, client dinner parties), add some creativity and take your decor from boring and expected to bold and exotic.  Prefer to go with a palette of neutrals?  Try the unexpected and set your tables apart with a surprising fire orange Zinnia.  Gray doesn’t have to be only for business suits! Mix varying shades of gray and set off your table with contrasting yellow.

You can feel confident pushing the borders of color rules and step outside your comfort zone with these simple guidelines. Colorado Party Rentals offers professional services to assist you with creating your unique color scheme. We can assist you with anything you might need to host the best Denver/Colorado Springs event. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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