Tips For a Dream Fall Afternoon Wedding

Taking advantage of Colorado’s Fall Colors on your afternoon wedding can be a memorable dream to cherish forever. However, planning a successful wedding is not easy at all. It is vital to be on top of every single detail to avoid disasters.

Planning with enough time your wedding event can help overcome the unexpected. From musicians to your wedding invitations, your Fall Wedding Event has to be perfect. Therefore, it is essential to know what your focus should be.

Fall Wedding Tips

Here are 5 handy tips to make sure your Colorado Fall Afternoon Wedding is a success.

Wedding Invitations

Consider great options for your reception buffet.

Afternoon wedding reception buffet

It is easy to forget about the essentials when choosing your beautiful wedding invitations. Remember they should reflect the time of the event by the degree of formality. For a Fall afternoon wedding, choose a less formal font, and even consider dressing the invitations up with color.

Perfect Timing

A ceremony on a weekend afternoon can be grand for out-of-town guests because they can leave for home the day of the celebration instead of having to spend the night. It’s a thoughtful thing to do if guests are spending a good deal of money traveling and can’t afford the additional cost of a hotel stay. It is also ideal during weekdays because guests can work a half-day on the wedding date and make it to the office the next morning with no problems.

Fall Attire

A Fall afternoon wedding is meant to be elegant but informal. For the wedding party, choose tea-length dresses instead of floor-length. While tuxedos are acceptable at an afternoon wedding, a suit may be a more appropriate selection. As for wedding guests, it depends on the location. If it’s an outdoor wedding, slacks and a button-down shirt are suitable for men. If it’s indoor, you can’t go wrong with a suit and tie, even in the afternoon. For women, wear a sundress or a skirt and blouse, whether indoors or out.

Reception Buffet

Afternoon weddings generally occur between 1 and 4 p.m. Because of this midday time frame; it is not recommended to have a sit-down meal or heavy finger foods at the reception. Keep it simple but elegant. Serve finger sandwiches, chicken salad with toast, nuts, fruit, cake, and punch. Alcohol is typically reserved for nighttime weddings, though champagne or wine is acceptable in the afternoon.

Handy Music

The midday time frame allows saving money on a band that probably won’t be much of a hit at the time. Instead, keep your live music for later in the evening and use a well-selected playlist to entertain your guests.

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