Wedding Color Mistakes: Too Many and Too Trendy

Choosing the right color scheme for your wedding can set the perfect mood, but there are a few mistakes you want to avoid. The colors you choose should evoke emotion, set the right tone, and satisfy your vision for the wedding. There are many wrong turns that a couple can take when choosing wedding colors, and we’ll be writing a few blogs to cover them all. Here are the first three mistakes to avoid.

Number of Colors

There are two main mistakes that people make, and that’s either using too few, or too many colors. You want to create layers and a dynamic color palette. The colors you choose should bring your wedding theme to life, adding texture and flow.

Color palette mistakes

Use neutral colors and tones to create texture and depth with a simple color palette.

Too Few, Too Many

When you use too few colors, you won’t get a layered and three-dimensional effect. If you don’t have enough colors, or too few colors to add depth and contrast, the overall effect will be flat and static. Of course, using too many colors can make everything look messy. With too many colors, there won’t be a focal point. Having a wide variety of colors that contrast will take away from the effect of your centerpieces. You can have splashes of color, but you have to be strategic.

Different Hues

Choose a couple of primary colors that will add a pop of color and dimension to the color palette, and then add more texture and dimensions by including a variety of hues within the same color. Using tones will give the illusion of more color variance, without making it too busy. Different hues of the same color is a bit like adding shading to bring each primary color to life.

Neutral Colors

Using many neutral colors will add more texture and layers into your color scheme without adding too many colors. Neutral colors will keep the primary color palette soft and romantic, while still being dynamic and vibrant. You can also create contrast and depth to the few bold colors you choose in your color scheme.

Wedding color palette

Don’t be too trendy, be true to yourself and your personal style to create a timeless and unique wedding color palette.

Too Trendy

Another major mistake is choosing trendy colors. You want the wedding to represent your unique aesthetic and personal style. Using colors that are too trendy, you can easily get sucked into choosing colors that don’t fit your style. Wedding photos and memories will last forever and will be looked at again and again. Make sure you select a color palette that will have a more timeless appeal, not suit the current fleeting trend.

Talk to our wedding specialists about your color palette and start planning your dream wedding.


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