Renew Vows and Reaffirm Your Love in a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Re-Affirm Your Love in a Vow Renewal from Colorado Party Rentals!

Vow renewals are the chance to redo your wedding and enjoy it. Most common are the five-year, ten-year, and every decade following anniversary celebration. Vow renewals are mementos in time to celebrate and reaffirm your love and commitment to each other, whether privately or publicly. Some couples have begun an annual tradition of a yearly vow renewal the day of their anniversary. Colorado Party Rentals gives you ideas on planning the most intimate affair to the most elaborate gala. Let us help you put together a vow renewal ceremony you will never forget!

Intimate Ceremony with Your Dearestbride and groom

The benefit of having a small gathering is the fact that you can repeat this event year after year as a special reminder of the significance of your marriage covenant. If you want to keep it small and intimate, choose a location that is special to the two of you. That could be your honeymoon destination, your favorite vacation spot, your backyard, or even the top of a mountain. Some wedding chapels in nearby mountain towns will offer by the hour rentals, convenient for those who have always wanted the romantic elopement! Include your immediate family, your attendants from your wedding, or just close friends. Re-read your vows to one another and recommit your love. Afterward, celebrate at a local event center, or even in your backyard. This is for you and your family to celebrate your love, and this time around, you can enjoy it without the anxiety of pre-wedding jitters!

dinner rentalsElaborate Gala

To throw a vow renewal ceremony to remember, here’s the to-do list. Choose a venue. Local destinations around Denver would be small ski resorts close by, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Estes Park, or country clubs and wedding event locations in Denver. Send invitations, preferably matched with the theme of your renewal ceremony. If your ceremony is at the top of a mountain, choose rustic invitations or ones that are styled with natural elements. Choose a dress fitting for your ceremony location and flowers. This time around, you don’t have to try to please the mother or mother-in-law. This is solely for you and your man! Hire a photographer, then work out the rest of the details with Colorado Party Rentals, and you have a day to remember!


As with all great parties, choose what atmosphere you want to create and let Colorado Party Rentals do the rest! A few options to consider would be a DJ, dance floor, chocolate fountain, bar, or even live karaoke! Live karaoke is the next best thing next to being in your own rock band while providing hours of entertainment for all ages. Hire a band and have an open mic night with a list of songs for each “performer” to choose from that the band plays.

Call Colorado Party Rentals to Help You Plan A Vow Renewal To Remember For a Lifetime!

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