Rent Tenting and Decorations for an Outdoor Wedding

Everything You Need for an Outdoor Wedding

When you choose a location for an outdoor wedding, you want to pick a place where the natural scenery will add to the ambiance of your wedding. However, a Colorado wedding, even in the height of summer, has the chance of a little rain or some windy weather. So it’s always a safe bet that you’ll need some sort of tenting for an outdoor wedding. A white canvas tent is gorgeous by design, but you still want to rent a few extra decorations and practical things to make the wedding perfect.

Wedding rentals in Colorado

Get romantic string lights for your outdoor wedding tent.

Practical and Romantic Wedding Rentals

The decorations that you choose should complement the outdoor venue of the wedding reception. You want to use as much of the nature, buildings, or landmarks as possible as a backdrop to your outdoor wedding. You can easily hang some romantic string lights in the trees, and place some lanterns to increase the romance, but you also need to be practical. An outdoor wedding has some practical challenges.

Right Tent

The first step to an outdoor wedding is the location, and the next is to choose the appropriate type of tent. We have beautiful tents that are romantic and grand and perfect for weddings. We have a large variety of tents depending on the size of your wedding guest list. Our wedding specialists can help you decorate the tent to make it harmonious with your outdoor venue.

Change in Temperature

The weather in Colorado can change throughout the day, so you want to make sure that there is shade for the hottest parts of the day, as well as some heaters to keep your guests comfortable as the temperature begins to drop.

Think of the Floor

Outdoor wedding rentals

Get a solid subfloor for your wedding tent so that people can walk comfortably.

You have to take into consideration the ground you’ll be walking on and the type of shoes that your guests are likely to be wearing. If you are in a park, garden, or anywhere that doesn’t have solid flooring, either make flats and wedges a requirement in the invitations or make sure that you get a subfloor for your tent. Nothing ruins a good pair of heels faster than sinking into the dirt all night long. Your guests can tip-toe from the parking area to the wedding tent, but once they get to the reception, you’ll want a floor that allows all of your guests to walk and dance comfortably.

Wedding rentals in Colorado

To rent beautiful tents, decorations, and everything you need to plan a wedding reception, work with one of our wedding specialists. We’ll help you find everything you need to create the perfect outdoor wedding. No matter the theme and style of your wedding, we can make your wedding dreams come true.


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