Styled Photo Shoot: Tips to Getting Started

A styled wedding shoot is your chance to paint a picture and tell a story. When your clients come to check out your portfolio, they want to be transported, both physically and emotionally. It’s not enough to choose the latest fashion colors or decorative trends; you want to create a dynamic experience. A styled wedding shoot should show off both wedding fashions and trends, but also highlight vendors and other services that will make the wedding go off without a hitch.

Styled wedding shoot

Create a concept.
Photo credit: Rachael Grace Photography

Start with a concept

The first step is to come up with a concept for the world that you’re trying to create. If you’re breaking into the business, there are a few classic themes that will show off your work and help you appeal to a variety of clients. Think about styling a shoot for the traditional wedding theme, modern wedding theme, rustic wedding theme, glamorous wedding theme, and natural wedding theme.

Create mood boards for each concept to help you stay organized and keep each concept separate. The mood board will help you stay on track as far as style when you go to look for the items you need to set up the shoot.


You have your budget for the shoot, but when we’re talking about finding a budget, we’re talking about your clients budget. Think about the type of client you want to appeal to, and then create a styled shoot that matches that target client. The cost of a wedding has gone up significantly; one way you can set yourself apart is to appeal to clients with a tighter budget. If that’s the case, make sure that the world you create is actually available to your clients for a limited budget.

If you’re appealing to the client with unlimited funds, make sure your styled shoot reflects that, as well. That may mean that you have to spend more on your styled shoots, but you know what they say, you have to spend money to make money.

Setting up the shoot

The final step is to find every item you want in the shoot. It’s time to make your creative vision a reality. At Colorado Party Rentals we’ve worked with every type of couple, every style of wedding, and every budget. When you’re creating a styled shoot with many concepts, working with us will allow you to get all the furnishings and decorations you need to make your concept a reality.

Talk to us at Colorado Party Rentals about helping you create a styled wedding shoot.


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