Renting Tents, Tables, and Chairs for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

party preparation, trail mix snacks for winter indoor birthday parties,Throwing a kids birthday party should be fun and easy. If you have adopted the “no kids left uninvited” policy, that means that you’re about to have every kid in the neighborhood or the entire class at your house. Whether you decide to keep it casual or have special entertainment, there are three things that you’ll need to rent for a successful kid’s birthday party: tent, tables, and chairs.

Essential Rentals for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Having 20-something kids running around can be hazardous to all the breakables in your home, and your hardwood floors. Don’t take the chance that no one is going to knock down that vase or knock over a lamp.

Instead, be one step ahead of the kids and take the party outside from the very beginning. Of course, this being Colorado, you’ll need to rent a tent and enough tables and chairs for both kids and parents to sit down.

Tenting for an Outdoor Birthday Party

You can’t always predict the weather far enough in advance of the celebration. So when you throw a winter birthday party, be sure to rent tenting to protect everyone from any wet and cold weather. You can rent tents with walls, or large pop-up tents, pole tents, frame tents, or festival tents.

Tables and Chairs

Rent picnic tables for kid's birthday in Denver

Picnic tables are perfect for a kid’s birthday party.

For an outdoor kid’s birthday party, an excellent choice of tables and seating is to rent picnic tables and benches. Kids don’t mind squeezing in next to each other, and it’s an easy setup. You can also rent some more comfortable seating for the adults.

Tables for Food and Presents

You may also want to rent a table for food, snacks, and drinks, as well as a separate one to display birthday presents. Even if you’re ordering pizza or BBQing a bunch of hot dogs, having a table ready to place the food, plates, cups, and napkins is a good idea.


Rent small chairs for kids

Renting Birthday Party Equipment in Denver

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