How to Use Table Runners to Enhance Your Wedding Theme and Decor

Table runners are a fantastic way to accentuate your wedding reception tables. Use table runners to highlight your theme, make your tables more elegant, and add an extra decorative element to your wedding. Here’s how you can make a table runner an integral part of the wedding reception table setup.

Table Runners to Match Your Wedding Theme

Table runners can make every theme more complete. The material you use for a table runner can match any theme, whether you have a formal, glamorous, rustic, or nature-themed wedding. You can also have some fun with runners, adding a bit of flair, pop, and humor to the wedding table.

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Runners vs. Linens

Whether you add a table runner for decorative effect on top of linen, or you only use a table runner depends on the type of table you are using. If the table matches your theme without the linen, then you can make a more casual, yet still romantic reception table with just a runner. For more formal affairs, adding a table runner on top of crisp, pristine white linens can make the table feel more official.

Table Runners for Round Tables

How you use a table runner may also depend on the shape of your table. For a round table, a single runner may feel awkward and look like it’s cutting the table in half. However, if you use two intersecting table runners, creating a cross across the table, you will add an interesting element that highlights the center of the table. Make sure you have a centerpiece worth highlighting.

Table Runners for Rectangular Tables

The most common use for table runners is on rectangular tables. A long wooden table can feel hard and masculine. Adding a table runner made of soft and delicate materials, like lace, can add a touch of femininity. Whatever your theme, you want to enhance the romance at every turn. A table runner that is light and soft will ooze romance.

Table runner ideas

Organic and nature-themed table runner.

Rustic and Nature-Themed Table Runners

You can also go in the opposite direction of soft and flowy for your table runners. The rustic wedding filled with organic decorations and natural materials is still a significant trend. A table runner can be made entirely of things that come from nature. Instead of a table runner made of fabric, highlight nature and the rustic theme with a table runner made of leaves, flowers, and other items plucked from nature. The natural table runner can be used instead of the traditional centerpieces.

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