Setting A Proper Thanksgiving Table!

The Thanksgiving table is just as important as the food presented on the table.  The table is where everyone gathers around, bringing the elements of family, community and beauty together.  A beautifully set table makes the occasion even more memorable.  When deciding how to design your table, there are many questions to be answered.  What kind of tablecloth to use, where do the wineglasses go, and how about the bread and butter plates?  Colorado Party Rentals in Denver gives you the proper table setting arrangements for a spectacularly set Thanksgiving meal whether formal, casual or buffet; be confident as a host in setting the proper table!

Table LinensBackroom linens

Colorado Party Rentals has linens in every color or texture for your Thanksgiving table.  No need to purchase new ones, just rent and return- so much more convenient than washing, ironing and storing!  When choosing your table linens, your table cloth should be long enough to drape 6 inches over each side of the table.  White is traditional for a formal table, however, if you would like to throw in a little color don’t be afraid to do so!  Layering tablecloths add depth and formality to your table.  Mix up your colors with linens and napkins and even dishes!

flatware 7Cutlery

A properly set dinner table has forks on left, larger forks on the outside, smaller forks for salad and dessert on the inside towards the plate.  Spoons and knives on the right.  The utensils should be placed in the order of which they will be used, with first utensil on the far end from the plate, second utensil closer to the plate.  Knife blades should always be turned toward the plate.


The side plate, or salad plate goes to the left of the place setting.  If the first course is cold, such as salad, set the dish at each place before guests sit down.  Bread and butter plates, which are small round saucer-sized plates are set above the forks, with the butter knife placed diagonally across the edge of the plate, handle on the right and blade down.  The coffee cup and saucer are placed above and to the right of the knife and spoon.   Wine glasses are arranged in the order in which they will be used, with the outermost glass being used first.  The wineglasses are placed at the tip of the main course knife.

The Buffet

If serving buffet style, be sure the table offers a clear pathway from which to serve plates from.  If possible, place the serving table in center of the room to allow for two lines if feeding a large crowd.  Place beverages on separate table.  Set out your serving dishes along the ‘buffet line’ the day before and label with sticky notes to remind you which food goes where.  Place the plates at the beginning of the serving line and utensils and napkins at the end.  It’s generally advised to use 12 inch plates instead of 9 inch plates.  Now you are ready to set the food!  Line up the food according to temperature, so you have cold foods first.  The main dishes, or hot food should be at the end of the table.

Thanksgiving party rentals

 Call Colorado Party Rentals To Help Coordinate Your Thanksgiving Table!

We are Colorado’s premier rental company offering the finest wedding, party, tent and event rentals by providing superior, high quality equipment, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and prompt delivery and setup by a professional staff to help make your event special!  Call today to reserve your catering equipment and table linens for your Thanksgiving table!

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