Cake Decorating Isn’t Just For The Pros

Keep the entertainment flowing at your next children’s party.

Plan a cake decorating party for your next children’s event.  Kids love to help in the kitchen.  They especially love to get their hands dirty, the messier the better! So why not give them a good reason to play with their food?   Visit your local bake shop and inquire of the head cake baker if she would be interested in teaching a mini class. Many are happy to inspire an anxious group of youth. But, with video tutorials galore, you don’t have to be an expert to teach a class.  Choose a few basic techniques like a simple border and then let them be the decorator. They will love choosing their colors, combining styles, and adding pizazz with edible glitter and embellishments. Kids really don’t care if their technique is perfect, they just want to do it themselves!


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You Will Need:

  • A simple un-iced sponge cake (whether store bought or home made) pre-cut into chosen decorating size.
  • Basic butter cream cake frosting.
  • Disposable decorator bags, and various decorator tips – plan 1 bag and 1 tip for each guest.
  • Tables and table coverings 

table 2

What To Do:

  • Set up a various work stations for several guests to work together. If your event space allows, you may opt for several long tables joined together to keep the comaradity flowing.
  • Prepare a large poster board ahead of time with a few ideas for their cakes.
  • Outfit each work station with protective table coverings, and flooring drop cloths if necessary.
  • Place bowls of pre-colored butter cream in the center of each work area and a selection of embellishments. Depending on the age of your guests you may want to pre-fill the bags.
  • Serve each guest a piece of un-iced, undecorated sponge cake atop a parchment covered styrofoam base, and let their creative juices flow.


Baking your cake at home will allow you to customize the size of cake you allow each guest to decorate.  Consider the amount of cake you want to provide to each guest, and go for larger surface area over height on the cake pieces. Your guests will want the most surface area they can get to practice their tear drops and roses.  You may even decide to forgo a layered cake and give each guest a piece only one layer tall, but 6″ square, or a rectangular 6”x4″ piece.

Don’t purchase all of the tips with the same design. They’ll want to experiment and switch colors and tips with their party friends.

 DIY great party decor

Don’t Forget the Favors

With all of those colors you’ve got to protect the clothes! So, make this the first party the where the guests receive their favors as they walk in instead of walking out.  An apron makes for a useful and adorable party favor. Consider labeling the inside of each apron with a strip of painting tape and then writing your guest’s name on the tape. This will keep the aprons organized before and after the party.

When the decorating is complete, draw attention to each guests creative attempts and then dive in!


Colorado Party Rental has everything you will need to pull your cake decorating event together.  Offering you tables of every size, chairs, protective table cloths and coverings, Colorado Party Rentals is the only stop you need to get this party going. Ask one of our professionals how to make your cake decorating party the creative event that everyone is talking about.

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