Turn Your Tent Rental Into Something Spectacular!

Renting a tent this fall for your event? Want to make it spectacular? Colorado Party Rentals shows a few ways to turn your basic tent into a custom and unique representation of your event. See ways you can decorate the ceiling of your tent to make your statement!


One of the easiest ways to decorate your tent is by lining your ceiling with fabric. Various colors and textures of cloth used can transform your tent, and thus, your entire event! Chiffon creates an airy effect, and when cascading over the legs of the tent, it gives an elegant touch to your event. Draping alternating colors of tulle or chiffon from the center of the ceiling to the corners or sides of the tent also brings a dramatic or romantic feel based on the colors used.

ChandeliersWedding tent lighting

Chandeliers add instant glamour to the style of your event. Whether farmhouse rustic or Hollywood glamour, chandeliers hung in the center of the tent or smaller fixtures dispersed around the tent bring a solidarity with theme and finesse of event. Try a large wood chandelier hung in the center or lanterns scattered around the tent for an informal event. Crystal chandeliers or anything sparkly would add glamour and sophistication.


We know we can use flowers on the table, but how about from the ceiling? Create a garden party theme or bring a bit of romance to your event with greenery cascading from the ceiling and wrapped around the legs of the tent. Hang floral arrangements from the ceiling in hanging baskets. Perfect for a wedding or reception; choose florals that aren’t too overpowering in scent!

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