How to Throw a Chic, Intimate Bridal Shower Without Blowing the Budget?

Planning a bridal shower doesn’t have to be a big and expensive affair. You can create a simple, elegant, and intimate bridal shower setting with just a few small tricks. The day should be about celebrating the bride or the couple, so focus on them, and the rest will follow.

Planning the Bridal Shower

Rent cake stand

Rent cake stands to display desserts and snacks.

As far as planning, the best thing you can do for the bride is to take this task entirely out of her hands. She will undoubtedly have a few opinions about what she would like the day to be like, but then she should be left out of the planning, and merely be told when and where to show up. The best part of the bridal shower – for the bride – is not having to plan it herself.

Shower Etiquette

If you’re going by old-fashioned wedding rules, then the bridal shower should be ladies only. However, times have changed, and so has traditional shower etiquette. Today, we’re focusing on a bridal shower, but you can throw a couples shower or a groom shower. This should be one of the questions that you ask the bride (or the couple) before you start planning.

Matching the Wedding Theme

The wedding is going to be the showstopper, so you want to keep the bridal shower simple, intimate, and elegant. Look to the wedding theme to get ideas for your bridal shower. Match the subject of the wedding in your bridal shower decor. Find similar colors and styles to create an intimate and elegant bridal shower that matches the wedding.

Drinks and Desserts


Rustic drink stand

If the wedding is chic and rustic, match the same theme for the bridal shower.

Having the shower in a location that is comfortable and familiar, like in your home will not only create a more intimate and personal setting but will help keep the budget in check. By saving money on the location, you can spend a little more on the creative and decorative side. You can follow the seating casual, but you can elevate the bridal shower by having a beautiful display of desserts, drinks, and maybe a few snacks.


Bridal Shower Rentals

Rent beautiful and elegant cake stands, silver serving trays, and dishes to display the bride’s favorite desserts and snacks. Having matching serving equipment is going to give the table instant wow-appeal. You can also rent matching cake plates, flatware, and stemware. You’d be amazed at how you instantly create a much more appealing table display by using the same style of serving equipment. You can also rent champagne stands or punch bowls if you are creating a signature bridal shower cocktail.

At Colorado Party Rentals, we’ll be happy to work with you on matching the theme of the wedding to create the perfect bridal shower setting.

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