Throwing an Unforgettable Office Party on a Budget

Keeping your employees happy is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business. A small business doesn’t always have the budget to lavish the employees with expensive holiday gifts, bonuses, and extravagant parties. However, there are plenty of ways to throw an unforgettable office party on a budget.

Office Party Ideas

Office party ideas

Rent matching linens, tables, chairs, and tableware to turn your office into a black tie affair to remember.

Treating your employees to a party is a simple and effective way to say “thank you!” Most party ideas won’t blow your entire budget, and you have to be a little creative. The first step to throwing an office party on a budget is to keep it in-house. But, you do have to spend a little to transform the office, because no one is going to be impressed with drinking keg beer out of red solo cups while swiveling in their office chairs.

Create a Black-Tie Event on a Budget

With a little planning, you can quickly turn your office into an elegant dinner party setting. You’d be amazed at how a few matching tables with clean, fancy linens and elegant tableware can transform your office. You find a place to hide all the office chairs, and we’ll set up the rest. When everyone shows up in their black-tie attire, they will be met with an office that has been entirely transformed into a chick and exclusive location.

Movie Night

Office movie night

Host a movie night at the office, complete with popcorn and snacks.

Instead of moving all the office chairs and tables to make room for a dinner party set-up, you can clear some space and set up for a private movie night at the office. Renting a huge screen and projector to have an office movie night is a great way to bring everyone together. Rent pop-corn machines, and have a buffet table with snacks and desserts. If everyone in the office watches the same TV show, make a special night out of the season finale.

Game Night

Game night is another great theme. You can set up various party games all around the room, including karaoke, Pictionary, charades, and other game ideas. Having game night means that you won’t have to set up sit-down dinner tables for everyone, but you can cut back on rentals by having everyone up and active the whole time. You will need to have some seating, and you will also have to provide some food and drinks. What’s a game night without a drink or two, right? Rent a full bar for your party, along with a buffet table with all the plates, flatware, stemware, serving equipment, display stands, bar equipment, and decorative items.

At Colorado Party Rentals, we can help bring the party to you to save you money without saving on creativity and quality. Rent everything you need for your next office party at Colorado Party Rentals.


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