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No wedding would be complete without a wedding cake. It may seem as something un-important or just a small unnecessary detail, but if you are all in for the traditional wedding spirit, then it is a must have.

And proof of the huge importance that the wedding cake has in this special day, are the many bakeries out there that specialize in these beautiful creations.

How to choose the perfect cake?

Traditional wedding cake

Here we give you some of the most important tips for choosing your dreamed wedding cake:


Define your budget right from the beginning and be totally open with your cake designer.  This will make the process much easier and smoother for both of you.


Allow plenty of time to order it

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the cake for last!  If you want a perfect cake, you need from 3 to 6 months to order it, depending on the design and ingredients that it will need.  This can usually be done once the wedding location and scheme have been selected.


Theme and flavor

Once you have selected a reputable bakery and are ready to start, bring as much information as possible, such as your wedding theme, dress color and inspiration from the room decoration and flowers.  Specialized bakeries have many designs available, make sure to choose one that both of you like, or you can use this as another opportunity to go wild in creativity and make your own design!

The flavor doesn’t have to be traditional at all. You can even mix different flavors or layers. But make sure to arrange for a cake tasting appointment before you order it! Remember that it should taste as good as it looks.


Wedding design

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At COLORADO PARTY RENTALS we love weddings and everything that has to do with them.  We have dedicated Wedding Specialists that will help you through the entire planning process before the most special day of your life, including choosing the right wedding location, the decoration and table settings and of course, the perfect wedding cake! We also have all the rental equipment necessary for your big day: tables, chairs, linens, china & silverware, centerpieces, tents, dance floors and catering equipment!  Book us today so we can start creating your dreamed wedding day!

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