Engagement Photos That Tell a Story!

Staging your engagement photos takes thought and creativity. First, you want to choose a location that speaks to who you are as a couple. Then, you want to choose clothing that will enhance your shoot, instead of interfering. You can choose an award-winning photographer, have the perfect lighting, and breathtaking scenery, and still not capture the essence of who you are as a couple. What is the difference? The clothing!

Plan engagement photosHere are 5 Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Outfits for Your Engagement Photos!

1. Get your good side! We don’t mean just your profile. If you have legs to die for, then show those off! If your man has some arms to make another guy jealous, then find a way to accentuate those muscles. If it is winter, and in most of the U.S. that means cold weather, so find a way to emphasize your best features even with extra layers. That may mean you snap a few outdoor photos with a winter wonderland backdrop, but focus more of your photo shoot indoors, around a cozy fire, or being playful in the kitchen.

2. Choose an outfit that fits in with your location. If you live in a spot where snow hasn’t covered the ground, you may still be able to pull off a sunset beach shoot, so skip the knee-high boots! A beach shoot needs some neutrals with a well-placed pop of color. Think lightweight fabrics: barefoot and breezy. If there is snow on the ground, enjoy the white blanket and dress like it! Get a few shots of snow falling on your eyelashes. Choose clothing that looks like it belongs in your location.

choose a photo book to share your love story, how to choose the right wedding planner3. Keep in mind that if you are planning an active shoot, you need clothing that will keep you covered. Do you like the idea of your man sweeping you off of your feet (literally)? Then, plan for that when choosing your skirt or dress length. Do you want to have a roll in the snow covered hills? Then go for some jeans instead of a breezy skirt. Nothing will hinder the natural look of your “couplehood” in the photos faster than a wardrobe malfunction. You want to feel completely yourself, without trying to keep the skirt in the right place or the minidress from hiking up too high.

4. Attempt to coordinate your colors and style with your fiancé without looking too “matchy.” Keeping your colors in sync will be easier to balance lighting for you both, and it will help the photo to look balanced. If you want to really play up the winter ready look, be sure you don’t overdo the plaid!

5. Be true to yourselves. Lastly, remember that the point of your photo shoot is to capture this memorable moment, showing off who you and your future husband really are. You want to be true to that by acting as natural and playful as you really are. If you are the outdoor type, then highlight your love for the outdoors in your shoot location, your clothing, and your poses/activities. If you two love a quiet afternoon by the fire enjoying a good book, then show that! Consider your hobbies and your favorite places to visit when planning your shoot, and just be you!

With a few simple tips, your engagement photos can tell the story of who you really are as a couple.

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