Throw A Valentine’s Dinner Party

A Valentine’s Day Party To Be Proud Of!

No more boxes of cheap chocolates or kitschy-printed greeting cards. Throw a Valentine’s Day party without embarrassment (for you or your guests). A Valentines Day party is an excellent reason to get your friends together, single and coupled, and Colorado Party Rentals can help! Whether single or coupled, see how you can celebrate with style!


It goes without saying, it’s a Valentine’s Day Party, so inviting singles with overly affectionate couples may not be the best way to celebrate for some. It may be awkward for the single guest, so accommodate accordingly with appropriate invitees! After all, no one wants to be the only lonely one in the room. You could make this a couples only formal dinner party, or a conglomeration with a ‘No Kissing allowed’ on invitation. If you are as the host are single, get creative! Just because one is un-attached doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentines! Consider a tongue and cheek invite, such as, I Love Me theme, or even an I Hate Valentine’s party. Make it something everyone can enjoy!

Dinner Games

Consider playing a quick, easy and fun appetizer game to help your guests know each other (in case they don’t). Here how: as your guests begin arriving, pass out drinks and appetizers on trays, along with a question for guests to answer as part of the game. With each course that is served, have another game, a word game or question game to break the ice. When serving dessert, move into another room in the house, to change it up a bit.


It’s probably not best to play love songs, unless you have all couples attending and don’t mind the quintessential cheesy love songs. Another option would be to play something classic, such as Tony Bennet or Frank Sinatra, or Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift if it’s not a formal event. But if you don’t want to give it too much thought, apps like Spotify have tons of playlists, including the word “love”.

Plan Your Valentines Day Dinner Party Today with Colorado Party Rentals!

Photography – Rachael Grace Photography

Photography – Rachael Grace Photography

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