Three Ways to Make Friends and Family an Intimate Part of Your Wedding

Your wedding day is all about you. That’s what we’re told, at least. But, the latest wedding trend is to make the wedding about everybody, not just the happy couple. Here are three creative ways to make your friends and family an intimate part of your wedding.

Catering to Your Quests

Family wedding trends

Get creative with the place cards.

Of course, a wedding should be a representation of the couple, but it is also the union of two families and two groups of friends. One of the hottest trends is to make your guests feel pampered, and like they are an intimate part of the celebration and the reason you are all coming together. Having small personalized items at the reception will make each guest feel special. After all, it’s only the people who are nearest and dearest to your heart that will come to your wedding, so let them know how special they are by taking their needs into consideration on your big day.

Photo Place Cards

Get creative and personal with your place cards. Instead of traditional romantic calligraphy on a card, find photos of special moments with each guest and print them out to replace the name card. It’s a way to make something as small as a place card feel personal and special. You are attaching emotions to the place cards, instead of them simply being instructional. They will also make for great conversation pieces when guests are getting to know each other around the table.

Family Style Service

Family style wedding service

Eat family style.




To make it more about the union of your friends and family, a huge trend is the family style table setting. This is the day that you all become one big happy family, so start your lives off together eating like one big happy family. Long tables with big trays of delicious food is a great way to solidify your union and create an atmosphere of love and togetherness.

Let Your Quests Help with the Playlist

It’s classic to ask friends and family to participate in the wedding by reading poetry, singing, or making speeches. Why stop there? Making a playlist for the wedding can sometimes be stressful, so make it easier by asking all of your guests to write down a couple of songs that will get them out on the dance floor. It’s a simple and fun way to get the party started and to make sure that everyone feels like they have contributed to making your wedding the talk of the season.

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