Tips to Host a Great Colorado Wedding

Couples often tend to overthink every last detail of their Colorado wedding in an attempt to make things perfect. Eventually, planning becomes so complicated it can have your head spinning in circles. But getting married doesn’t have to be so tough — hosting a great wedding is a lot easier than you might think.

When planning a wedding, there are only two main things you need to keep in mind; your happiness, and the happiness of your guests. So long as everyone is enjoying themselves and having a blast, yours will be a wedding to remember. But how can you achieve wedding greatness? Just follow these simple tips, and you’ll be on your way.

Rent a Big Enough Venue

Tented weddings
To maximize space, rent a tent without siding.

The place you choose to have your wedding in should be big enough to house all of your guests comfortably. No one enjoys being stuffed shoulder to shoulder at a reception table. Be strict with your RSVPs for proper seating arrangements, and make sure that you account for walking space around the tables — that goes the same for tent rentals if you’re planning on an outdoor reception. When it comes to renting a tent, always go one size up from what you think you might need.

Hand Out Welcome Goodies

Give your guests a token of appreciation for sharing this important day with you. They don’t have to be anything crazy — a sweet treat or a cute tea towel will suffice. If you want to level things up a bit, you could give guests mini champaign bottles or personalized spa kits, complete with a scented bath bomb. Having an outdoor wedding in the summertime? Greet them with a little care package for the day. Include a water bottle and a few snacks, and a pair of cheap sunglasses, in case they forgot their own.

Go All Out on the Open Bar

Yes, open bars can be a little pricier than a pay-as-you-go drink service, but your guests will appreciate you for it. If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, try asking your bartending service if skipping the crazy cocktail options and sticking to beer wine and spirits will help.

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