The Latest Centerpiece Trends of 2020

It’s decoration time! After finalizing a venue and securing all of your vendors, you finally get to do something fun — transforming that venue into the magical wedding of your dreams. After you’ve gotten your hands on the right party furniture rentals, the first step is creating the perfect centerpiece for all of your tables. 

There are plenty of ways to create a centerpiece — there’s no wrong way of dressing up your tables to match your theme. But if you’re stuck and can’t think of any ideas, try taking a look at some of these amazing table centerpiece ideas. These wedding table decorations are sure to be seen in weddings all throughout this year. Take a look and get inspired!

Take Monochromatic to the Next Level

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Monochromatic centerpieces are still extremely popular for weddings.

Monochromatic centerpiece bouquets are wildly popular these days. A monochromatically themed bouquet works well in any theme and can give your wedding a simple, yet elegant appearance. If you’re into the trend but are looking for a way to spice things up, go with three hues instead of one! Choose three colors that fit into your color theme and dress your tables at random with one color each. It’s a great way to add fun pops of color to your venue. 

Go Bold

Are you aiming to make a statement at your wedding? If you’re planning on buying fuschia or tangerine-colored bouquets for your centerpieces, take things a step further by pairing them with equally brightly colored table cloths and chair cover. Jewel tones like peacock blue, emerald, and magenta are all effective ways to create a rich and luxurious looking space. 

Throw Some Shade

Looking to bring the light to a dimly lit venue? Skip the tea light holders and candelabras. Instead, use stylish lamps at the center of your tables. Lamps come in a variety of shapes and designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your theme. Aiming for something more eclectic? Instead of renting multiple quantities of the same light, use different antique lamps!

For more ideas on how to make your wedding perfect, talk to a member of the Colorado Party Rentals team today.


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