Healthy Party Foods To Party Without The Guilt

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It’s springtime in Denver, which indicates summer is around the corner! We know what that means, dieting and watching calories to get in shape for summer. That’s all fine and good until you have a party to host. The last thing you want to do is worry about calories when you are throwing a party!  Colorado Party Rentals has 5 tempting party dish swaps that will save you up to 100 calories with each one, without forfeiting tastiness!

  1. Instead of 7 Layer Bean Dip Choose Guac and Whole Wheat Chips

Lighten up the typical layered sour cream and refried bean dish with heart-healthy guacamole and whole wheat chips. This switch alone will save you 140 calories! Another option is to go with Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Jicama sticks, which would cut an additional 100 calories!

  1. Instead of Pigs in a Blanket Go With Asparagus Rolls

You can make your own lighter version of ‘pigs in a blanket’ by rolling up prosciutto and asparagus in phyllo dough. You’ll save 185 calories by snacking on 6 of these babies, as opposed to 3 original ‘pigs in a blanket’.

  1. Instead of a Chocolate Cupcake Try A Turtle Brownie Bite

Cupcakes are piled high with insane amounts of frosting and are equally weighed down with insane amounts of calories. A mini brownie bite topped with a half teaspoon of caramel sauce and a pecan will save you 160 calories over the cupcake. The best part is, you still get to feed your sweet tooth!

  1. Instead of Salami and Crackers Go With Artichokes and Olives

Opt out of the antipasto platter filled with fatty lunch meats. Instead, choose a spread of bell peppers, artichoke hearts, and olives. You’ll save yourself and your guests 120 calories!

  1. Instead of Champagne Try a Wine Berry Spritzer

We know every party needs some type of beverage but opt for lighter adult beverages which will still hit the spot, just not with so many calories. Muddle a strawberry, add seltzer water, a squeeze of lemon and ¼ cup of white wine for a fresh wine berry spritzer. You’ll be saving 100 calories per drink!

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