Warming Up Your Colorado Winter Events

great party rentalsWe may be on the other side of the holiday season, but winter has just begun. Don’t let that stop you from throwing an outdoor party. Just add a few heating essentials to your party rentals list, and keep your guests warm on cold winter days and nights.

Keeping Your Guests Warm and Cozy

Outdoor parties are great at any time of year. Not only does an outdoor party add a spectacular backdrop to your celebration, but there is also a lot more space so you can invite a lot more people. But once you have the theme, the colors, the lights, and the decor all sorted out, it’s time to think about those practical elements, like how to keep your guests warm.

Tent walls

We have frame tents, pole tents, cross-cable tents, and pop-up tents. In other words, we have tents for every occasion. But in the winter months, one thing we recommend is to find a tent that can add tent walls. Tent walls will help you keep in some of the heat, making your outdoor party cozy for your guests.  Since you don’t want to block off the views of the surrounding nature, choose walls that have windows.

Tent walls for outdoor parties

Adding walls to your tent will help keep in the heat on cold winter days.

Heating Apparatus

We also have a variety of heating options. We have wine barrel and stone pit fireplaces for a rustic and natural ambiance. But we also have several types of heating lamps to match the decor, like the Pyramid and the Mushroom standing heaters. For a high impact heater, we also have the Radiant Propane Heater.


Nothing turns up the heat like dancing. Get your guests moving and shaking to the music by renting a dance floor. You can also add the audio equipment as well to keep the party pumping as the temperature drops.

Top Party Rentals and Heating Essentials

Rent your party equipment from Colorado Party Rentals. We have everything you need from tents, tables, chairs, and heating options to make your winter party the talk to the season.



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