Wedding Trends to Inspire Your Wedding Plans

Wedding trends are getting more extensive and elaborate, and we couldn’t be more excited. While bigger isn’t always better, when you’re in the party rental and planning industry, bigger is always funner! So, let’s take a look at the big blowout wedding plans in store for the upcoming wedding season.

2022 Wedding Trends

Couples are shying away from all the traditions and planning fun and elaborate wedding themes. While past weddings have revolved around traditional elements, like welcome cocktails, reception speeches, first dances, etc., the current wedding trends revolve around a complete experience from start to finish that includes everyone.

Trending wedding themes range from carnival/circus to a specific period to personal themes.

2022 Wedding Trends

Oversized, tall, and voluptuous flower arrangements are trending.

Elaborate Reception Tablescapes

Gone are the days of draping decorations, flowers, and lighting from the ceilings. Wedding trends are placing more emphasis on elaborate reception tablescapes.

Don’t worry, twinkle and bistro lighting are still in; we’re not monsters, but we’re focusing more on the reception tablescapes, large floral displays, and over-the-top design elements that build from the ground up than drape the ceiling, as we’ve seen in the past.

Wedding Table Décor

The tabletop décor plays a central role in the wedding design, from unconventional and surprising colors and linen and china patterns to non-traditional table decorations.

Consider rustic lanterns and wooden elements adorning your reception tables, creating a surprising element. Or funky and colorful chairs that add character and whimsy.

Oversized and voluptuous flower arrangements add romance and drama. Don’t be afraid to include color and textures, height, and volume. We’ve been restricting and compromising on our wedding visions for so long. It’s time to let go and not hold back.

Think beyond flowers to twigs, grass, berries, and bark. Organic, seasonal, and sustainable wedding trends are not going away, so don’t be afraid to source from nature.

Play with levels, textures, and styles. Combine modern and traditional elements for a unique aesthetic.

Wedding Rentals to Realize the Latest Wedding Trends

Nothing gets us more excited than helping couples realize their vision and theme. We’ve got one of the largest wedding rental inventories to accommodate any volume, theme, style, or trend.

The possibilities are endless, and our creative team will help you personalize your wedding day and make it unique and spectacular.

The overarching theme in all upcoming wedding trends is fun. So let’s have fun!

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