2016 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Trends Pt.1

2016 Wedding Bouquet Trends

Countless couples are looking to take advantage of beautiful spring arrangements and the stunning landscaping that Colorado has to offer. Add in the natural beauty of the area around you and you are all set.

Floral Bouquets

Check out some of these top bouquet trends.

Locally-Grown Seasonal Blooms

Locally-grown blooms are one of the hottest trends this year. Many eco-conscious and style-savvy couples choose this option. With this option, you get to reflect the season, region and growing zone of your specific locale. More individuals are requesting lush ferns, foraged branches and woodland-inspired bouquets.

Bouquets with Bulk

If you want to take a step into the wild side, bulky bouquets are in. Adding in more green and less floral is something that many brides are doing this season. You can easily achieve a shape that looks like it came right from the garden. Not only is this visually attractive, but you can add in definition with arching branches and vines.

Vintage Vibe

Many brides want a vintage look. You can use unique vases to make the centerpieces stand out. Wrap the bouquet in accessories and textiles with a lot more bling to them.
Rustic wedding bouquet

Old-Fashioned Flowers

Many are turning to old-fashioned flowers today. Chrysanthemums are now back in style again. You might also look toward the Carnation, Sweet Pea or Zinnia for a unique and stunning look. These flowers offer unusual shapes and forms to add that vintage feeling to your bouquet.

Want to know more about the big bouquet trends for 2016? More next week!


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