When we’re talking about weddings, we often end up talking about all the rental equipment you need for the reception and the party. Planning a special event is a complex project where each detail is equally important for the final result—a hassle-free, successfully organized party. Whether hosting a corporate party, celebrating an anniversary, or any big […]

Event celebrations are done throughout the year, regardless of the season. Though some prefer the summer over the winter, or the spring over the fall, we enjoy organizing parties and events during any season! Winter has its own charm we believe and brings many inspirations for wedding themes and winter party ideas. Inspiring Winter Wedding Ideas […]

Wedding themes are among our favorite party subjects. Setting up a particular theme for your wedding makes it easier to pick flowers, invitations, color palette, menu, music, and more. Most clients want to know how they can make their wedding different from all of the rest, especially if close friends are getting married around the same […]


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