Easy Ways to Bring in the New Year with Flair!

Everyone sees New Year’s Eve celebrations a little differently! Some relish the idea of standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of strangers in New York’s Times Square! Others can’t imagine being out of the house on New Year’s Eve, preferring their cozy flannels and a hearty meal at home to large crowds and music. Maybe you’ve imagined a Gatsby-like night filled with elegant people dressed to the nines and sipping fancily named drinks while you dance the night away!

In whatever fashion you plan to spend New Year’s Eve, you can pull off a simple dinner for intimate guests at home, or the soiree of the year with just a few tips from the pros.

new year table setting. Bought from https://picjumbo.com
1. Add drama to your decor.
Christmas may be over, but decorating rules still say you can play up your pine garlands through the New Year holiday! We all know there are no rules against strands of white lights. Don’t underestimate the flair a simple collection of pillar candles can add to your event. Create separate seating areas where guests aren’t forced to stand in the middle of a room to mingle but instead have nooks here and there to gather and enjoy conversation.

2. Choose a menu that is stress-free. Anything that can be prepared ahead of time should be. Anything that can be grilled or baked in the oven… go for it! Decide to cater if possible to completely remove the stress of last-second preparations. However, if you simply must cook, do choose a simple menu that focuses on flavor and not on elaborate elements. A stylish yet satisfying meal can be created with a slow-cooked brisket and wild rice. A delicious surf and turf could be just the answer—steaks on the grill, accompanied by sautéed garlic shrimp and fancy mashed potatoes. There are dozens of easier ways to go simple.

Denver party and event rental3. Don’t forget dessert! Nothing could be more romantic than a chocolate fondue fountain! Don’t forget that you can rent one. Chocolate-dipped fruit is always decadent with its appeal and taste.

Choose to spend your time creating a lovely ambiance instead of sweating in the kitchen. Make decor choices that play up the drama, and enjoy your guests without being stuck in the kitchen this New Year’s Eve!

We hope you’ll be enjoying this New Year’s Eve with your dearest ones in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere!

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