3 Steps to Choosing the Top Priority Party Rentals

It’s the season for parties. The Holiday season is traditionally the time of year we love to gather most. Whether for an office party, corporate event, family dinner, or a winter wedding, November through January provides some of our favorite days to celebrate.

If you have an event to plan this season, it won’t be long before you realize your need for a reliable party rental company.

A party means people, and even if your guest list is small and intimate, there isn’t any event that could not benefit from a party rental item… or two. As you begin the party or wedding planning process, how will you choose the best way to spend your event rental budget?

3 Steps to choosing the top priority party rentals:

1. Tables and chairs are a top priority. This seems obvious, but many first-time event planners don’t give careful thought to their guest list and seating arrangement when renting their tables and chairs. You simply must have a seat for every guest. Even a simple cocktail hour requires a place for guests to sit back and rest their feet. Determine your guest list number and choose to spend the first and most important portion of your rental budget on seating.

2. Dress the tables only after you have secured sufficient seating. Table drapes (or tablecloths and linens) can be simplified to meet almost any budget, so have no fear. Adding some simple touches to dress up your tables can be done easily once you have arranged your tables and chairs wishing your event space. Check out some of our winter centerpiece ideas from Colorado Party Rentals.

indoor tent wedding setting
3. Keep your guests (and yourself) comfortable. If you plan to host your event indoors, be sure you have sufficient HVAC options. Most indoor event spaces will be sufficiently heated or cooled. However, if you plan to host any portion of your event outdoors, even a brief cocktail hour, rent a tent. A walled tent in winter weather is a must have for keeping your guests happy and comfortable.

After you have covered the first and most important steps of seating and guest comfort, your event rental options are wide open with details down to your votive candle holders! Colorado Party Rentals is your one-stop professional company for servicing all of your event rental needs in Colorado.


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