Winter Wedding Ideas and Themes

Event celebrations are done throughout the year, regardless of the season. Though some prefer the summer over the winter, or the spring over the fall, we enjoy organizing parties and events during any season! Winter has its own charm we believe and brings many inspirations for wedding themes and winter party ideas.

Inspiring Winter Wedding Ideas

Barn Wedding, nature theme wedding, vintage tablewinter themes for your weddingPlanning a wedding in winter indeed provides a lot of options for themes and decor. This is so because you can approach it with: A) more traditional winter ideas which you may modify them and B) a bit different theme that will be a contrast to the popular winter ideas and winter mood. These are just a few of the themes we recommend for winter.

3 Great Themes for a Winter Wedding

“Vintage Woods” This is a perfect mix of a classic winter theme with a more trendy one. The setting would include vintage wooden tables and chairs, and lots of forest-inspired details. Decorations with pinecones, acorns, and fir branches along with antique crystal glassware create that vintage vibe while perfectly fitting the winter season. Neutral gray and warm wood shades with pops of green fir branches will find their place in a romantic barn wedding. A special selection of red wines is recommended on the wine list.

“Snow Palace” – One can only incorporate this theme in winter, so now is the best chance for such a wedding event. You can not go wrong with a soft white setting, from outdoor tents to venues all decorated covered in white, with lots of bright crystal elements inspired by the structure of a snowflake, such as lustrous crystal chandeliers, crystal table centerpieces, lots of white flowers, and crisp white candles. Some accents in winter colors such as cool light-blue or violet lighting, icy-blue serviettes, and thank you cards add to the mood as if one is in a snow crystal palace. Also, now is the perfect time for ice sculptures or other ice decor! A cake with a white icing served with a sparkling white wine will call the big finale just right!

white wedding theme    crystal chandellier for a wedding   ice sculptures for your wedding

“Romantic Chic” – For those who are keen to spice-up things a little, romantic chic may the best choice. This theme has multiple versions of itself, so the concept of such wedding can vary from tender romance to a more contrasting concept. Warm colors and ambiance would dominate the setting, with soft upholstery chairs and taller lush bouquets on the tables. Purple and red colors go equally well against a more traditional wooden setting as well as against a modern white background. The glassware and tableware can set the tone on another level. If you want a more contrasting chic and want to avoid the classical winter feeling, choose tableware in some bold color (red, black, violet, or green). For the menu, besides the main dishes and the wedding cake, go for sweet cupcakes, chocolate minions, mini spring rolls, wines, and of course, a variety of cocktails!

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