4 Tips to Engage Your Guests

How can you draw your guests into your party theme?

How can you make them feel part of the event? Detail the history of your honored guest or your cause with a photo book! We love to glory in the days gone by, and with a digital photo book, it is so easy to create a beautiful collection of memorable photos.

Tips To Engage Your GuestsWhether it’s a first birthday party or a wedding, adding a photo book to the event decor allows your guests to become part of your lives.  Executing a fabulous event requires that the event planners have totally engaged their guests.  The guests need to feel that the event wouldn’t be the same if they hadn’t participated. You don’t want to have your guests sitting obligingly in their assigned seat merely filling up the scene until the cake arrives.

Let’s pull them in by involving them in the backstory of the event. You may be kicking off a fundraising event, passing out awards at an after party for a sporting event, or maybe even entertaining potential clients. Use a well-designed photo book, and your clients will appreciate the purpose of the event and feel more willing to participate. With numerous online photo book printers available, what should you look for?

4 Tips to Keep Your Photo-book Creation Simple

1. Choose a company with a simple user-friendly layout. If you feel intimidated to use their site, chances are the finished product will show it. Consider ease of photo upload as well.

2. Consider the size of the book that will fit with your entry table decor. Many photo book users have found for this application an 8×12 works to allow the book to sit open nicely.

3. Keep the number of pages to a minimum. Many companies start with a 22-24 page allowance, and you pay per page for any extras you design. However, for this purpose, you will want your guests to feel involved but not bored! Try to keep the photo layouts within the provided baseline.

4. Arrange your photos on the pages so that the pictures are truly the focal point. With so many options for extra scrapbook-ish details, you don’t want to overpower the photos and miss the reason you are sharing the book.  Event planning ideas engaging your event guestsKeep the design simple and clean. A few well-placed extras can make your photos pop without cluttering the page.

Once the book is complete, how should you fit it into your decor?

We have found the location in which the most guests will interact with the book is at an entry area. Design a receiving table with your event theme well-represented in decor and place your book as a centerpiece with pages open. Consider using a mini decorative easel to set the book on display.

Place a sign inviting guests to see “how it all began,” or to “take a stroll down memory lane…” Then, add a line of thanks for participating in your event.

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