6 Creative Ideas for Fall Wedding Favors!

Fall has a certain nostalgic characteristic, even if you live in sunny South Florida, where the leaves don’t change and the weather is pretty constant. Just the idea of September arriving makes us all want to change up our home decorating, adding in pumpkin spice scented candles and rearranging our mantels, coffee tables, and other vignettes. A  cool breeze and a few leaves falling are enough to make me feel happy!

It’s curious why more brides don’t choose this season to tie the knot. Photographers don’t have to work quite as hard creating that storybook shot, with brilliant colors draping every photo. Prices for the fall season do vary by region. Depending on when your “off” season is, you may find a great deal from September through November.

To help your fall wedding preparations, we’ve compiled a list of six great ideas for a fall wedding favor! You may live in a region where seasonal fruits don’t necessarily make their entrance and exit each year, but apples, pumpkins, and cinnamon/clove spice mixes just smell like fall in any state!

Happy Bride and groom, on background autumn park

6 Fall Wedding Favor ideas no matter where you live:

1. Homemade products – like jams or apple butters. You may not have the time to cook up some of this season’s ripe fruits into a lovely preserve, but someone does. You may even be surprised to find a seller at your local green market.

2. Soy Candles –  in fall scents like pumpkin spice and apple pie.

3. Individual breads or pies – like apple tarts or mini pumpkin breads.

4. Mason Jar Baking Mixes – Fill a mason jar with cinnamon bread, pumpkin bread, ginger cookie, or snickerdoodle mix ingredients.

5. A bottle of natural maple syrups and/or honey. 

6. Candied Nuts

We also found some creative wedding slogans to add to your favor and thank you basket:

  • Fall in love!
  • Seasons change, but love never does!
  • Spread the love (for jams and butters)

Let Colorado Party Rentals help you spread the love on your fall wedding day!

With attention to every detail, you can rest assured that your guests will be focused on the happy couple and the gorgeous Colorado fall foliage. Make an appointment today to talk with our professionals about fall color choices, textures, and patterns. Consider our line of jewel-toned Damask table linens, and gold accent chargers to add a little boldness to your fall color palette. Need a tent to keep guests warm in cool fall breezes? We have you covered! Need to add heat to that wedding tent? We can do that, too! For all of your Denver and Colorado wedding rental needs, we are the professionals to call!

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