Planning A Great Bar Mitzvah

Make Your Child’s Bar Mitzvah an Amazing Celebration

Your child’s Bar Mitzvah is a unique breakthrough. It’s a rite of passage that is steeped in culture and history and wrapped in the roots of their heritage.

It’s also something else… It’s a celebration! It’s intended to be a fun event – a once-in-a-lifetime ceremony – so, you want to make sure it is an unforgettable day.

1) Pick a great theme

When choosing the theme, think about your kid’s taste. It is meant to be a fun and engaging ceremony. Ask your child to give you details about what they like. This is a day never to forget. Find elements that make that easier to achieve.

2) Think about transportation

Nothing is worse than planning a party and then realizing that many kids can’t come because of transportation issues. Create a pre-Bar Mitzvah transportation plan so that parents don’t have to go crazy and no kids are left out.

3) Choose the best venue

Not all locations are created equal! Take your time to make sure that your venue both matches the need of your party as well the theme – a location that is good for both the kids and the adults. We have great options for tents that can serve as the perfect place to host the perfect bar mitzvah.

Planning a Great Mitzvah4) Practicing Trope

For most Jewish teenagers, learning Hebrew is difficult enough – not only because of the length of the trope but because of the melody to which the Torah is chanted. Make sure to have a great tutor to help your kid achieve this with confidence.

5) Help Choosing the Tallit

Finding a perfect outfit for the big celebration is a big deal. It should fit right, feel comfortable, and make your child feel confident. Some parents like the kids to wear the tallit that was theirs. Talk to them and see if this is something that would like to do.

6) Help Writing a D’var Torah

This will be the part of the service where everyone sits up a little straighter and leans forward to hear what your kid has to say. This speech is the B’nei Mitzvah student’s chance to say what is meaningful to them – to explain how they personally feel about it.

This is a very special day, and we would love to help. Check our website and see all the beautiful ways we can contribute to the occasion.


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