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Everyone enjoys decorated cakes!homemade valentine's day chocolate treats, Denver party and event rental

Pretty much everybody loves to eat a big and delicious piece of cake, and in case there’s someone who doesn’t, at least they can admire a nice looking one! No matter if it is a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or just a fun reunion with friends, having a creatively decorated cake at your party will add extra fun, anticipation and it will give much to talk about.

The highlight of the party – the cake!

Cake decoration has become so popular, that nowadays, you can order nearly any shape, size, and color on your cake.  There are hundreds of bakeries across the country that specialize in custom cake decorations; so much that even TV reality shows have been made about this.  Whether you want a funny, formal, or your kid’s favorite character themed cake, it can be made.  You can even have a printed edible photograph on it!

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The sweet fun fact is that even if it is a multi-layered three-dimensional creation, all of the decorations and parts are edible thanks to fondant! Fondant exists in many different colors, and when fresh, it is soft and easy to handle. In this form, cake decorators are able to mold fondant into many different artistic expressions.

Colorado Party Rentals can help you contact one of our partnered trusted bakeries that can create that specially decorated cake for your big party or special event. We also have everything else you may need: tables, chairs, linens, china & silverware, centerpieces, tents, dance floors and catering equipment for rent. That’s not all; we also have dedicated and expert Event Specialists that will assist you with every detail of your party’s organization.

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Get Yourself Fabulously Decorated Cakes with Colorado Party Rentals!

We are passionate about what we do and we’d love to help you throw the best party, special event, or wedding. Big or small, corporate or intimate, indoors or outdoors, our meticulous and dedicated staff will offer you only the best service and options for you to have the best looking decorated cake ever!  No task or request is too small. Book us today so we can get the party started!

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