Plan a Girl’s Night Out with No Stress

When the weeks wane on and the responsibilities keep coming, it’s time for a change-up. You are mom, wife, employee or any of the other dozens of hats women wear. It’s time to plan an event where you can just be you for a night. Enjoy your girlfriends and take a little break to regain focus and treat yourself! It’s time for a girl’s night out! These ideas would be perfect for an upcoming bachelorette party.

Let Colorado Party Rentals take care of every “bling-y” detail! This is a night you want to enjoy the fun of putting together colors and textures you may not find in your real closet! It’s fun to play dress up, so why not play dress up with your tables and linens and party decor? Rent a few tables and dress them with feminine details.

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Girl’s Night Out!

3 Fabulously Feminine Ideas for Girls Night Out:

1. Bling and Pop!  – Pink, black, and tulle! This theme let’s you play with the wild side. Throw in animal prints and faux jewels. Go for a hot pink textured table cloth with black overlays. You can even use lace! Candles are must have, but you want them tall. Small votives work better in another theme. Go for tall, slender vases with tall jewel-toned flowers. Don’t worry about making the bouquets perfectly arranged. We are looking for fun and free in this style.

2. Breezy Beach Vacation  – Teal, silver, and hints of lime! Give your girlfriends the feel that they are really on a Bahamian island, not in this restaurant party room! Start with a soft blue or faint teal table cloth and layer with beach colors, including various shades of blues and teals pulled together with pops of lime and bright yellow. You want to imitate the colors of the beach. Include shells and tropical scented candles. Choose a square floral presentation, not overly arranged. Go for solid white flowers with added pops of bright accent colors. Let the solid white flowers sit lower and allow the pops of colors to spring out and above the height of the square vase, sort of natural-like. Use white tulle to create the feel of breaking ocean waves, and serve a mixture of beach resort fare – shrimp skewers, tropical fruit selections, and it wouldn’t be complete without the proverbial beachside margarita.

3. A Spa Getaway – Lavender, sage green, and neutrals! Your girlfriends will feel as though they entered a relaxing spa stay-cation far, far away! Keep the table linens soft and relaxing in your color choices. Go for a beige or solid white table cloth with overlays and accents in lavender and sage. Choose soft flowers like roses or hydrangeas and create a small, simple arrangement that sits low on the table. A low profile round “bowl” will serve this application perfectly. Add some smooth, neutral “river-washed” stones to the bottom of the bowl and let the stems show.

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Enjoy your girl’s night out!

Colorado Party Rentals can take care of every feminine detail to make your “Girl’s Night Out” a success!

Let us guide the creative process making suggestions on textures and colors and creative accents. Whether you need a few small tables or you want to plan a party night for 100, Colorado Party Rentals can service your specific needs all around Colorado. Make an appointment to visit our showroom today.

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