Rent Technical, Practical, and Decorative Equipment for Your Trade Show

Putting on a large industry event or trade show is a great way to make your mark in your industry. By taking a leadership role, you will raise the profile of your company, as well as give you the opportunity to network with bigger industry titans and newcomers. However, there are many logistics that go into planning a successful trade show. The setup and overall look of your venue will make a big impact.

Planning a trade show

Planning a trade show

Rent tents, furniture, technical equipment and decorations for your trade show.

Being able to pull in experts, sponsors, and the right attendees are the most important aspects of a successful trade show or expo. It costs money to put on a trade show, so you need to be organized, patient and thorough in setting yourself up for success. There is a lot of planning that goes into the expo, but once the expo is taking place, you need to make it a great experience for your guests. That means having your venue properly set up with everything you need to make your guests, sponsors, and vendors happy.

Renting a Tent for Your Trade Show

Finding a venue that is big enough to host all of the most important and influential people in your industry can be hard. There is a lot of technical requirements for setting up a trade show, and not all traditional event venues are set up to meet those requirements. A large convention hall may also not be as imaginative or give you the right ambiance. Renting a large tent can give you a fresh location with the room to set it up exactly how you want it. A large tent for a trade show will also give you the creative freedom to decorate and design it to meet your personal needs, instead of having to conform to the limitations of an event center.

Furniture and Decorations

You can keep down the cost of your expo by renting all of your furniture and decorations from one party rental company. Colorado Party Rentals has the largest inventory of high-quality rentals that will meet the needs of your trade show. Once you know what your guests, sponsors, and vendors will need, our staff can help you put it all together. We can also deliver, set-up, and break down again. We’ll make your trade show look like you spent a million bucks on decorations and furniture, giving you a variety of styles and materials.

Decorating your expo

Renting equipment for trade show

The design and decor of your trade show will impact the success.

Just because it’s a business trade show doesn’t mean that you can’t put some design and thought into the overall look. Don’t just have a bunch of mismatched folding chairs and tables. Put some thought into the styling of your expo tent. The more complete you can make it look, the more professional and luxurious it will feel and it will be more impressive to your guests.

Technical Elements

You also need to make sure that you have everything you need to pull off presentations and speeches by experts and sponsors. If you don’t have the right audio-visual equipment or enough space for the audience you’re not going to impress anyone. You also need lighting, heating, cooling, and electricity, not just for the technical elements, but for people to charge cell phones and tablets.

Work with Colorado Party Rentals to get all the technical and decorative elements to pull off a successful trade show.

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