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We all know there are two words that will draw a crowd… free food. Food is one of the key elements to get people to attend an event. Together with beverages, food should make an impression on the guests. This one factor is typically what makes an event memorable and is only limited by budget and imagination! Colorado Party Rentals gives a few catering tips to consider when planning your event.

Know Your GuestsParty with your friends

Your number 1 priority is to know your guests. For example, what is the profile of the majority of your guests? Is it a business event? If so, consider the professional level of your guests. Take into consideration the number of similar events your guests attend. See if you can make yours stand out from the rest! If it is not a business event, understand the preferences of your guests. Are they older, younger, healthy, and active, or more sedentary? Taking these into consideration will help you plan better to meet the needs of your guests!

Menu Options

Don’t underestimate the menu options. Several choices should be offered to all guests to be ensured they will be pleased with what’s available. As a general guideline, offer at least two choices of entrees. Offer three or more salad dressing options. Serve condiments on the side. Offer two dessert options minimum: one indulgent, one healthier.

Event catering services DenverIncorporate Your Food Into the Theme

When selecting the menu, think about the theme of the event. Can you integrate the theme into your food selections? Also, consider the time of year, and let the season play a factor in determining the types of food. Spring or winter menus vary greatly, as well as regional menus. Consider the region or location and offer food accordingly. In Denver, the beer capital of the US, consider offering handcrafted brews on tap.

Presentation and Decoration of Food

We eat with our eyes and nose before we even taste it. Whether it’s served buffet style or plated, a catered meal should be fragrant, colorful, and visually pleasing. Be creative with the presentation! The linens and decorations should compliment the theme of the meal. With these considerations, you will have the ingredients of a memorable event!

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