Three Things to Consider Before Booking a Wedding Site in a Colorado Park

There’s no shortage of scenic and romantic outdoor wedding venues in one of Colorado’s many parks. Some sites and event facilities in public parks will have different capabilities, so make sure you understand before you reserve, what you are getting. Make sure that the site has everything you need, or you fully understand what you need to bring to make your wedding run smoothly.

Cheesman Park_Pavilion in Denver

Cheesman Park Pavilion in Denver, CO, public park.

Choosing an outdoor wedding site

Whether you’re going for mountain views or a forest scene as a backdrop for your wedding, there’s a lot more you need to take into consideration before choosing a venue. The perfect wedding photo is essential, but you want the site to be able to accommodate your entire wedding vision. Consider three things before booking a location in a Colorado park, the practical, the decorative, and the legal aspects of the venue.

Practical Elements

You need to look for practical components like staging kitchen, parking, and venue capacity.

  • Staging kitchen – caterers need to know what they are working with so that they can plan accordingly.
  • Parking – parking is one of the most overlooked essentials for an outdoor wedding venue. Make sure your guests can park close to the wedding site or event facility to avoid having to hike in their lovely wedding shoes and clothes.
  • Capacity – Even a park site out in the open will have set boundaries that you need to respect. Make sure there is room for all of your guests, including tables and chairs and other wedding essentials.

    Wedding in Denver Park Event Site

    You will need extra liability insurance to serve alcohol, as well as a licensed bartender.

Decorative Elements

Some event facilities will have more amenities, including tables and chairs. However, even if tables and chairs are available, they may not be your style. Make sure that you are allowed to bring in your wedding rentals and decorations so that you can get your dream wedding.

Legal Requirements

Every park venue and site will have a time limit for your reservation. Make sure you understand the time constraints. Most places will be available all day until 11 pm, but the time limit needs to include all of the set-up, rehearsal, wedding, and clean up.

Alcohol Permits

If you’re serving alcohol, you will need to get extra liability insurance coverage. You will also have to hire a bartender that is licensed.

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