How Much Space Should You Allow For the Dance Floor at Your Wedding?

What’s a wedding without dancing? If you want people to dance, you need to give people the space to dance. While you’re dealing with your table settings and decorations, don’t forget to figure in the right size dance floor.

The Size of Your Dance Floor

Rent a dance floorA slow dance will require less space than bustin’ a move. However, slow dances require couples. Not all couples are going to gently sway to the music; someone is always going to want to do a fancy move and a dip. Make sure that you account for a few flailing limbs and get the right size dance floor.

As the evening progresses, so will the dance moves. A dance floor that is too small is just asking for someone to poke an eye out.

“This is My Dance Space!”

There were many lessons to be learned from Dirty Dancing. The biggest lesson, of course, is nobody puts Baby in the corner. Second, it’s that everyone needs their own “dance space” and that dance space is sacred. Unfortunately, the late great Patrick Swayze didn’t specify how big that space should be, but a good estimate is to allow each person about nine square feet of dance space.

Number of People Dancing

Dance floor rentalsYou know your guests better than anyone, so looking at the guest list you will be able to determine if you’re going to have a lot or just a few people dancing at a time. However, you’re likely never going to have all of your guests dancing at once. A good estimate is to assume that between 30-50% of your guest will be dancing at one time. Multiply the number of people likely to dance at once by 9, and you should have a good estimate of the size of the dance floor you need.

If you have questions about the size of your dance floor, talk to Colorado Party Rentals, or use our dance floor size chart.


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