Choosing The Best Music To Make Your Event Epic!

Music is a powerful medium by which you can directly affect another person’s emotions and behavior. It is a crucial party tool and should be addressed as such. Music can change your entire party for better or worse. Apart from lighting, it is the music that sets the tone and ambiance for your entire event. When hosting an event, music is one of the first things to be considered. Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need to throw the perfect party with event equipment rentaltents, linens, and everything in between. However, when it comes to music choice, the host is privileged to provide this element! Below are a few ideas on choosing the best music for your event!

Guest List

Look at your guest list and check who is coming to your party to figure out what kind of music will set the stage. Is the audience older or younger? If they are older, are they young at heart? Will they dance and let loose? Think in terms of your guests and what genre of music would help put them at ease and make them feel most comfortable.

Music for all your eventsWhat’s the Party About?

All elements of the party should be integrated and matched, including the music. If you are having a dinner party, the music should be gentle and soft, as in background music. If your event is intimate, with a few people, the music should not be louder than conversational level. The music you incorporate into a party should enhance the event to create the atmosphere you want.

Choose a Theme

You will want the theme to correspond with your music. If you have a 70s-themed party, your music could be disco music from that period. If you are hosting an anniversary celebration for a couple, the music could be that of the year they were married. If hosting an intimate dinner party, think of something soothing yet soulful – depending on the age of guests, you could range from Michael Buble to Tony Bennett.

Timing is Key

Time the best songs for the peak of the party – a little after start time, but before everyone is winding down. Don’t play the music too loud while the guests are arriving; you can turn it up later during the party. Music should be played at a level where guests can converse when they first arrive, and then play music at its loudest during the peak of the event. When you want people to leave, it would be the time to play slower songs or something of a more contemplative nature.

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