Keeping Cool and Comfortable in Your Wedding Tent

Weddings are times when you want to look your best at all times. Everywhere you turn, there is a chance to be photographed or videotaped. If there’s one thing that can ruin a good wedding album, it’s a bunch of photos with shiny foreheads, damp upper lips, and sweaty clothes, especially if you are the one getting married. Here’s how to prevent your wedding tent from becoming one big sweatbox, and keeping it cool and comfortable for your guests.

Preventing humidity in the tent

A wedding tent opens up a world of outdoor venues for your wedding. Whether you’re in the mountains or on the plains, a nature wedding venue adds unforgettable scenery and romance, but when you are dealing with nature, you have to consider the elements and how they will affect the climate inside your wedding tent.

Ventilating wedding tent

Proper ventilation can minimize humidity.


The autumn season brings a bit more rain in the plains and some new snow in the mountains. Both can create conditions that will increase the humidity in your wedding tent. Ventilation is the answer to avoiding humidity inside your tent. When the ground is wet, and that moisture begins to evaporate, it can create high levels of humidity. Make sure that you allow air to flow through your tent so that the humidity and heat can escape.

Walls and Windows

To protect your decor, guests, vendors, and food from the weather, you may choose to add walls to your wedding tent. However, make sure you don’t completely seal off your tent so that the air can’t move. If the weather allows, keep a few openings to allow natural airflow, but you may also want to rent some fans that will move the air if you need to close up the tent.

Minimize humidity inside wedding tent

Rent fans to maximize the airflow when you have to close up your wedding tent


Adding a hard surface will make it much more comfortable for your guest and staff to walk around, and make for a more solid surface to place chairs, tables, stage, buffet, etc. Having raised flooring may also prevent the increase of humidity from the ground moisture.

Maximizing Airflow

Strategically placed fans can maximize airflow. White fans that can be attached to the frame of the tent are both discreet and effective. Choose fans that are quiet so that they don’t ruin the ambiance inside your wedding tent.

Control the climate inside your wedding tent to keep your wedding tent cool and comfortable in any season.

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