3 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Outdoor Entertaining in Fall!

The seasons are changing, and summer has come to an end. But this doesn’t mean your entertaining has to take a break. We know there is always something to celebrate! When fall begins to turn towards winter, and the temperatures are steadily dropping, you may be tempted to forgo any outdoor entertaining at all. While warm nights filled with fireflies and floating candles on the pool may be a lot more inviting right about now, there are plenty of great reasons to entertain outdoors in fall.

Outdoor entertainment in Fall and WinterYou may be worried that if you planned an outdoor party anytime soon now, your guests would freeze. While a few northern destinations may need to take extra care with winter outdoor entertaining, most of us in the lower 48 can still be creative in the way we entertain, providing comfort and warmth for the guests even in an outdoor environment. It is important to consider weather patterns when choosing your date. While you can’t predict the weather accurately, you can be prepared for cold weather and wind.

Provide Warmth to Outdoor Entertaining in Fall With These 3 Steps

1. Rent a Tent – Walled tents can provide an outside, yet inside feel to your party. You can choose to have windows in your tent and let in natural light to help warm the tent. For evening entertaining, choose a tent without windows and use plenty of stringed lights and lampposts to create the feel of warmth and comfort. A good tent will protect you and your guests from the wind and casual rain.

hvac, winter outdoor entertaining2. Rent a Tent Heater – Colorado Party Rentals can provide you with the heater you need for a large guest list! We have the equipment you need to keep the whole party warm throughout the night. We also provide a 1000 lb. Propane tank to make sure no one gets chilly.

3. Add Patio Heaters – Colorado Party Rentals can also take care of placing patio heaters, also called mushroom heaters, throughout your event space. Placing a few patio heaters in corners and the center of the tent aisles can help the toasty air permeate across the tent so that everyone feels the warmth.

Lastly, ask your guests to get up and move a little. We all know that to stay warm, you have to get your body moving. You may want to indulge in a fancy sit-down dinner, but you may want to consider ways to allow your guests to get up and move around the tent. Try a buffet-style food service rather than sit down. Include an activity that would require your guests to mingle. Be creative and think outside the box. Outdoor entertaining may take a little more preparation, but who doesn’t love the sound of a bonfire crackling against a starry sky? Whether your party is outside or inside the tent, your guests will be happy to be out of the house!

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