How to Create The Rustic Barn Wedding Without an Actual Barn?

The most significant wedding trend is to get as far away from the traditional wedding venue as possible. We’re no longer getting married in hotels and banquet halls. Couples are going back to basics, breaking with years of tradition, and starting their lives together in the rustic, romantic setting of a barn. Make no mistake though, the barn wedding is still super chic, despite the rustic and downplayed decor. You also don’t need a barn to create a barn-themed wedding; all you need are the right decorations.

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One of the main takeaways is the popularity of the barn wedding trend. Almost 15% of the couples got married in a barn-themed setting. Whether it was an actual barn or another venue made to look like a barn, one thing was for sure, exposed wood and mason jars were (and still are) a big hit on the wedding circuit.

Making Your Venue Look Like a Barn

You don’t have to find an actual turn of the century barn to get married in a barn. Some essential wedding decorations will make any venue feel rustic and earthy. Think of all the elements that you associate with a barn, and then work with a wedding rental company to transform your venue into a romantic barn wedding.

  • Long wooden tables, chairs, and benches
  • Mason jars!
  • Wooden wine and whiskey barrels
  • Simple, neutral, and elegant linens
  • Romantic lighting
  • Drapery
  • Candelabras
  • Barn doors

Barn themed wedding rentals

Wedding rentals for a rustic barn wedding

At Colorado Party Rentals, our wedding specialists can help you put together a package to create a barn wedding in any space or venue. The rustic barn wedding is understated and elegant. Although it may feel simple and organic, the barn-theme should ooze romance and sophistication.

Colorado Party Rentals serve events throughout the Rocky Mountain West, from Nebraska to Nevada and Montana to New Mexico.


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